Friday, December 28, 2007

campy planter

This adorable little 'campy planter' will be here from Brooklyn soon, via perch! design. (Merry Christmas Raquel).

harkins ad

We're making our debut on the big screen. Watch for this ad at the next Harkins movie (find our logo!), and while you're at it - make plans to attend the Phoenix Heart Walk.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

bee-raw honey

As designers, we naturally love good packaging - to the point that we go out of our way to buy random things just because they look great. This honey is no exception. (Although one could argue that it resembles vials of blood...)

platner stool

We'll take a few of these Platner stools for our next office, please.


Neutraface seems to be showing up everywhere these days. With good's lovely.

big ideas come out of big pencils.

The Leo Burnett website has been a long-time favorite. Though not the most functional navigation, it's definitely an interactive experience. (I guess you can do things like that when you have clients like McDonalds, Kellog's, and Wrigley's).

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

the loveliest of christmas-times

We are getting all packed and ready for our trip to Toronto to spend our christmas-time with many Toronto-type family and friends. I'm curious to see how flying across the country with my rowdy, independance-seeking, but happy babe will be. And I'm nervous about taking her to stay in a strange place. Wish me luck (please!)

I wish everyone who ever visits this place the loveliest of christmas-times, and a coming year that is filled with the best of friendships, peace of heart, glorious love, and much inspiration always!

Much love, sharilyn (+ Adelaide, too!)

See you in 2008!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

a quilt crawl

Yesterday afternoon I was puttering around while Addie and the boys napped. I decided to find and begin to finish the quilt that I have been making for Adelaide's first bed. Of course, just as I was getting to work Addie awoke, and so I went to her and brought her downstairs where my work-in-progress was laid all out on the floor.

I set her down to take a look, and she just kind of perked herself up and began crawling all over it, like she could always do so but just was choosing not to. She crawled all about, checking out all of the squares and trying to pick them up. Up until this moment, she could get around by rolling and lunging, but now just like that, Adelaide is a crawler!

And making up for lost time, apparently!

our jack

Here is Jack in one of his usual afternoon locales - Adelaide's dirty laundry bin. He doesn't seem to mind that this bin is filled with such choice items as peed-on change pads, stinky 3-day-old baby tights, and damp bibs and washcloths. He's a pretty laid-back guy in general : )

Robin & Lucienne Day

On a recent trip to Portland, this book was discovered about Robin & Lucienne Day, pioneers of modern design.

book description:
Hailed as the British counterparts to Charles and Ray Eames, Robin and Lucienne Day electrified the British design scene in the 1950s with their startling furniture and textile designs.

Lucienne, we still adore your fabric patterns today.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

tiny happy

I have been coveting a beautiful bag and baby shoes from Tiny Happy for sometime, and when I emailed Melissa about ordering them, I was suprised and pleased to find that she wanted to do a trade. My first ever trade! (ashamedly)

So just the other day, Addie and I discovered a package on or doorstep, all the way from New Zealand! We opened it up together to find that was filled with such wonderful treasures and surprises.. including a beautiful little bear that Adelaide was instantly thrilled with - she went a little wild for her new friend - squealing, throwing him up in the air, kicking her feet all about him, and kind of... mashing him into her face!? It is love.

Addie has many toys, but I have only seen her have this rowdy reaction to 2 of them: her tiny happy bear, and her 2 woolen balls made by Ella. She very much seems to know which things have been made with the most care and love...!

Monday, December 3, 2007

with the snowy trees

We now have about a foot of snow outside of our door, and the forest is absolutely gorgeous. This is the third or fourth snowfall we've had on the mountain this year so far, but it is the first time that Charles has been home and I could manage my camera without having to lug my wiggling puffy snowsuited child! Adelaide seems to take in the snow with much quiet intensity- and then every once in a while she will let out a determined "BAEH!" at it all. I am so much looking forward to more snowy mountaintop winters with her.

Every so often I glimpse little birds about the snowy trees, and I have become determined to make friends! I hung a bird bell outside on one of the trees, but now I see the chain has broken from the weight. And each time I sprinkle seeds out, they just get covered up with more snow...