Thursday, July 31, 2008

Leather + Crystal

Yes, that's right crystal and leather--a combination I never imagined loving but that was before I saw this wine coaster, decanter, tray and ice bucket from Ralph Lauren. It just exudes the most classic of style.


Sorry for the light post but I am in the midst of planning an event for 700 people and nothing is quite going as planned. However, when I saw this room I felt an instant calm. Its warmth and simplicity makes me want to sit at that table with a glass of wine and forget my stress. That mirror is just calling my name and now has a place on my home decor wish list.

via House Beautiful

rainy day

It is an ugly grey and wet day today. It feels like October and we are hiding indoors. Here are a few photographs that I've taken around the house today, while Addie sleeps.

dish wall by you.

I put up these Ikea wall shelves in our kitchen and use them to store our dishes and plates. I have a thing for white dishes and always keep a look out for them on sale. I just realised that none of these things on the shelves match, but I got them all at a discount! The plates were less than $2 each, and the ceramic mugs for .49 cents each. 

These shelves help our a lot with our kitchen, which is large by Vancouver standards (You can eat in it!!!) but still pretty small storage-wise. Our kitchen - like our entire house when we bought it - was a horrible builder's beige (70's pantyhose beige) so I painted it a warm white (Grand Teton by Benjamin Moore) to brighten it up. It looks amazingly better and much more bright and refreshing. I also added a pantry, ceiling dish rack, wall coat hooks, and a bulletin board area to help keep everything sorted out. I will take some more photos one day when everything else is clean and organised!

yellow + orange by you.

I've been making a quilt in yellow and orange and grey and turquoise. I've been attracted to triangle quilts for some time now so finally decide to make one myself. I found some great little purl bee right angle triangle tutorial to help out. My triangles are made from 4" squares, and I plan on putting a (2" or so?) muslin border between each square rather then sewing them together directly side by side. I adore quilts with a lot white space. (Perhaps, a Robertson Family Quilt is next? I love it!)

found paper treasures by you.

And, here are some paper treasures that I found on our recent trip to Port Townsend. Vintage Journals and ledgers and glassine sheets and other lovelies. Of course I couldn't resist and bring these home with me. Perhaps they will end up in someone's pocket book someday. I especially love the vintage "mother" wrapping paper, this one I will keep always for me...

... p.s. this is what happens when I try to blog and do not give my child direct attention for just a few minutes. And the reason why I don't have more photos of my kitchen storage solutions to show you at the moment!!!

while distracted by you.


Lately Adelaide and I have been going out and picking lots of huckleberries. The huckleberries here in the Pacific Northwest are red in colour, and are like a cross between blueberries and cranberries. Sometimes they are kind of tart but I really like them and oh are they good in muffins and pancakes. They are small so it takes a while to get a bucketful, but I am hoping to gather enough up to make some nice jellies. I am just looking for a good recipe that uses fruit juice or honey instead of a lot of sugar as a sweetener.

huckleberries by you.

For every two or three berries I plunk into our bucket, Addie gobbles up one, too. I have to pick fast to keep up with her! She likes it best when I pull down a big branch of berries, so that she can pick, too.

berry eating by you.

We have also been taking some of our pickings down to the marshes to feed our Mallard friends. They love huckleberries too! The more often that we visit them there in the reeds, the more and more other little birds show themselves to us, too. I am enchanted by the beautiful Cedar Waxwings, they have quickly become my most favourite bird of all. They are so curious and friendly, they fly right up all around us, and perch real close to check us out... it seems that they may soon come right up to sit on my hand. Cedar Waxwings adore fruit, so perhaps they are hoping that we will share our huckleberries with them, too!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mauve Madness

I had been hearing all about purple being the hot color but hadn't really seen much and then I was reading the August In Style and was blown away by all the celebs sporting the color. I have to say that I love it! It is such a beautifully feminine color that looks good not only on the runway but in a room. Some of my favorite examples...

Roberto Cavalli Spring 2008 Ready Wear

Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall

Alberta Ferretti Spring

Marc Jacobs Pump

Banana Republic hoops

Room via Habitually Chic

Room via Domino

via Metropolitan Home

Milan Buffet table from Shine Every Day

Calla Lilly bouquet via Modern Bride

a summer trip

We've arrived home from our little summer road trip and camping just in time to beat the rain! We travelled all around the Washington Peninsula, stopping at Old Fort Townsend to camp, hike, pick red huckleberries and make the most delicious huckleberry pancakes! We flew kites at Fort Worden, sniffed organic lavender near Sequim, ate great food, found some paper treasures, and visited the sweetest Port Townsend farmers market, too. 

spin by you.

goofy dance lessons by you.

On the way home Adelaide awoke for an unexpected stop at Fairhaven  - a historic part of Bellingham - which turned out to be one of the loveliest parts of our journey! We were just in time for dancing on the green, and Addie was thrilled to take part in some salsa lessons. Although I think she thought we did look rather peculiar...

in the grass by you.

looking by you.

Port Townsend and Fairhaven make my heart ache a little for beautiful and cozy small historic towns which somehow seem to lack where we are from. (Unless I am missing something???) Maybe one day we will find a place like this to call our home.


We love the Helvetica film... now we have Objectified to look forward to in 2009. Objectified is a documentary about industrial design - everything from toothbrushes to tech gadgets. Read more here.

me & my pen.

I like you and your pen.

Drawings by Daren Newman. View his portfolio at Me & My Pen.

Monday, July 28, 2008

100% chocolate cafe.

This chocolate wall looks really good, we're into it.

Found on Yanko Design, designed by Wonder Wall


Yes, Glamping is a term that I recently saw used in the August 2008 Mountain Living magazine and is short for glamorous camping. When I read the article and saw the "camps" they recommended I think the term is quite appropriate. I love camping but I always dread knowing I won't get a good night sleep due to a tree root jamming into my back, the bites of mosquito's or rain leaking in to the tent. If you dread these not so glamorous aspects of camping too then you would definitely be interested in the accommodations at Paws-Up, a Montana resort offering luxury adventure vacations. Here are some pictures of the "tent" accommodations:

The tents are 270-square-foot, have a king-sized feather bed, electricity, spacious deck, private master bathroom, twice-daily housekeeping service, gourmet meals and even your own personal butler that will make you a campfire and tell stories!! They appropriately refer to their River Camp as a place "where nature is served on a silver platter." In addition to all the luxuries offered, you can also enjoy the beautiful setting along the Blackfoot river:

Friday, July 25, 2008

Local Style: Altitude Adjustment

Altitude, a small local clothing store, had some cute things but it was definitely not the one stop shop for fashionitas that it is today. Last summer the owners opened up a much larger store on the town square and are now carrying very cool contemporary artwork, furniture, fabulous books and home accessories in addition to clothing, shoes and handbags. I went in for the first time last weekend and was blown away with what they have done to the place. Such a breath of fresh air in a community overloaded with t-shirt and western wear stores.

I loved almost all of their merchandise but was especially drawn to these mirrored picture frames:

...and the extensive inventory of Orla Keily:

And if all the browsing wears you out they also opened an espresso bar in the back of the store.

Stop by Altitude at 48 E. Broadway or call 733-4719.

(photos by blair)

bright and white.

Hello, simple & beautiful home of architect Carlos Brillembourg.

(via the dwell blog)

wearable cork.

Cork cuff bracelet by Studio 1a.m..

why we letterpress.

image from here

Yesterday there was an article on ilovetypography about letterpress printing. An excerpt:

"So why do people want to get into this arcane world? The biggest reason I can find is that it offers a hands-on immediacy that other methods can’t offer. The whole process feeds the senses: the coldness and weight of metal type; the rhythm of printing machines cycling quietly; the smell of oil and ink and the great sense of seeing a wonderful printed page. Our growing demand for the ‘one-off’ or the home-grown translates to letterpress where each item has been handled, prepared and checked individually."

Well said.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

morris + essex.

Lovely silkscreen and gocco cards by Buenos Aires artist Eliza Jane Curtis, for sale through her site Morris & Essex.


I love the use of color and shape in these (and all of the) posters by Sonnenzimmer.

Thanks for the introduction, sfgirlbybay.

stack drawers.

Individual, multi-colored, floating drawer units that can be pushed and pulled in both directions. So pretty...and the configuration is always changing.

designed by Shay Alkalay for Established & Sons, seen in the new Dwell