Sunday, May 31, 2009

black walnuts

My black walnut address files were recently delivered to me, and so the past couple of weeks I've been busy making, packaging, and sending them out to the wonderful people on my waitlist. Right now - without having to give up my time with Adelaide, but not without a lot of hard work - I have found that I am able to put together about thirty each month. I hope to make my way through my entire waitlist sometime this Autumn, and then offer them regularly for sale in my online shop. And also then gradually begin to produce some new goods that I've had bopping around in my brain for the longest time. I am a little embarrassed that I haven't been able to release new items in such a long while... but perhaps time and finances will allow for me to do so again in the near future.

for someone (out there) by you.

But, every single day I am so incredibly grateful that I am able to have both of my biggest loves in my life: being a mama, and to be able to create my work as an Artist, too. Even though I have given up opportunities and am holding myself back in many ways work-wise, I have gained so much.

For after many years of sadness, anger, and darkness, my life has become light and bright and it seems to me that have everything to thank to my little daughter for this. I feel that we are both each other's teacher. I am to show her the world, and she is to bring me patience and trust, acceptance, understanding, and love. And I wouldn't give up this time of my life for anything.

ready to go by you.

But, back to the address files! I have two extra of them here that I'd like to give away, one in black walnut and one in maple wood. They do have the tiniest of flaws... the black walnut has a bit of a mis-cut on the bottom of the file, and the maple has a tiny dark knot in the wood on it's top left side. Small imperfections that you probably wouldn't even notice, but I still would not wish to sell them.

Would you like either one of these address files? If so, please leave a comment and I will select two winners in a week or so. I will send my giveaways anywhere in the world, so please do not worry if you live very far away!

This giveaway is now over. Thankyou to everyone who entered!

And, thank you all for reading, and your marvelous support... It means the world to me!

walnuts + maples by you.

oh, paris!

A quick little weekend update: I just saw that Jennifer Causey added prints from her recent trip to Paris to her shop. If you're a Francophile like myself, I am sure you would love having these displayed in your home. I cannot wait to get my own.

Friday, May 29, 2009

etsy finds of the week.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

1. Mini Goals Chalkboard - Today from Mary Kate McDevitt ($25), 2. Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Trinket Box from Fruit Fly Pie ($24), and 3. chiffon white dot from bowbowbow ($28)

4. Cafe De Guatemala Organic Coffee Shoulder Bag from Wren ($54), 5. Large 1950s orange canister from Pardon My Vintage ($42), and 6. Album/Journal with Original Art Cover on Spruce Wood Boards - Jimmy's First Day of School from Sleeping Forest Studio ($165)

7. Give Pause from For Me, For You ($15), 8. Organic Cotton Poplin Dress from Dear Pony ($120), and 9. small cottage vase from Pretty Random Objects ($38)

thought of the day : a simple request.

"Love Me," by Lisa of Lou Lou & Oscar (found via her photostream.)

portland local : noun (a person's place for things).

paper letter tiles in a beautiful copper bowl.
gorgeous ceramic bowls and cake stand.
owl plates & gold fig vessels.
bowl of army men & tiny toy piano.
cake stands in the sunlight.
vocabulary cards.

Due to all the great response I got from this post (thanks everyone!), I have decided to continue posting more of my 35mm shots from my favorite local Portland shops. This week I would like to show you these pictures from Noun, a little place I always seem to be wandering around. Not only does it share a space with the southeast saint cupcake (which I will say, as a snobby baker, makes the best cupcakes in town), but it also a perfect spot on its own. It is a small space with tiny trinkets filling vintage bowls and beautifully crafted vessels, tables covered in old typewriters and local paper goods/art prints, and cupboards stacked with some of the prettiest tableware I have ever seen. Also, their little front room contains gorgeous jewelry and accessories and the workers are always the sweetest. So if you're in Portland, go ahead- stop in, eat a red velvet cupcake, and buy something pretty.

Note: Noun is located at 3300 southeast Belmont. They also have an online shop right here. Oh yes, and more photographs can be found in this set.

flickr friday : warmth.

We are having unusually beautiful warm sunny days here. I am absolutely loving it.

flickr friday : warmth.

1. Untitled, 2. ear to ear, 3. {film.210}, 4. A garden party, 5. wings and prayers, 6. yellow, 4, 7. a little sunshine, 8. Untitled, 9. 3/365 1.3.09, 10. little beauties, 11. yellow tuesday (1), 12. of gaieties and pleasure, 13. love, 14. Eden, 15. kumquats, 16. after that and ever after

art collection : ready for summertime.

1. Strawberries- Original Illustration by Jamie Shelman ($110), 2. Present print by Blanca Gómez ($30), 3. Shine - Hand Printed Gocco Print by Dee Beale ($20), 4. The Landing by Binth ($36), 5. Earthly Delights by Wayne Pate ($35), 6. Kite March Print by Jennifer Eng ($20), 7. Hello, Sun 5x7 print horizontal by Ward Jenkins ($12), 8. #1050 by Old School Stationers (price unknown), 9. Girl in the Yellow Suit by Lisa Golightly ($20), and 10. Dive-In Detox by Aimee Sicuro ($24)

tetris pots.

Made me smile.


Will never grow tired of looking through all of Jen's beautiful polaroids.

a gentle introduction to our visual world.

I want to buy this for all the babies I know, and for my future kiddos too. Wee See is a collection of black-and-white animations built from basic shapes. A perfect way to introduce children to art and design while also engaging their mind.

concept & design by Rolyn Barthelman
music by Tom DeLaughter (of the Polyphonic Spree)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

let's get out into this sunshine.

I must admit, I am feeling rather uninspired today, so I think I am going to take a random one-day break to catch up on some things and spend the day out in the sunshine. See you all tomorrow (or later tonight)!

Image above by Gemma Booth.

printy printers.

We are finally at one with our massive Kluge and no one even got hurt along the way. New cards available on our etsy.


Camerawerks recently shot some portfolio pieces for us. In turn, we designed some business cards for them. Here's a sneak peek. We printed on black matte board with silver ink.

randy slack.

Randy Slack is an artist here in Phoenix. Here's a couple faves.

charles s. anderson.

Charles S. Anderson is good.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

thought of the day : mustaches.

"mustaches on strings are the finest of things," by the great Marc Johns. I always love his work. Always.

flickr photo of the day : summer florals.

Untitled by marybeth coghill.

interior inspiration : there's no place like home.

This post is dedicated to the types of places that make you want to put your feet up, drink some coffee, read a good book, and fall fast asleep. The places that aren't stark white and minimal or filled with overly modern furniture, with vintage collections, old stoves, filled pantries, and cozy little nooks. You know, the kind of place that feels like home (and totally looks good doing so.)

Sources (from top to bottom): Annika Vannerus, Apartment Therapy: AB Chao, Design*Sponge: Olga Naiman, Andrea Jenkins, Purple Area, Design*Sponge: Rebecca Wood, Stephanie Congdon Barnes, Apartment Therapy: Diana Fayt, The Selby, Rachel Whiting, Alicia Paulson, and Lucas Allen.