Tuesday, June 30, 2009

flickr photo of the day : an array of flowers.

Untitled by lifelovepaper.

two random things i am loving this evening...

This teatime print by Jamie Wieck (£119.99) and this buttercup dress by Makool Loves You ($229).

ten images of inspiration : once wed eye candy.

Whenever I am in the mood for a heavy dose of inspiration, I head on over to one of my favorite blogs: Once Wed. The weddings featured on there are always out of a dream and the galleries are the perfect things to flip through when looking for ideas for parties, photographs, decorating, food displays and of course, weddings. Be still my heart... can my husband and I get married all over again?

Weddings pictured above: Nathan + Anna, William + Penelope, Adam + Tess, Adam + Hallie, Chris + Kelly, Dustin + Whitney, John + Megan, Adam + Hallie, Yuli + Keith, and Mark + Allison (photo credits listed on each page)

Millennium Park continued

Adjacent to the Pritzger Pavilion, by Frank Gehry,are 2 other interesting pieces of sculpture that really capture 2 different styles of monuments.The first is a very classical structure, the Millennium Monument in Wrigley Square. It is a slightly smaller version of a Greek (doric) styled monument, designed by Edward Bennett, (who also designed the famous Buckingham Fountain nearby) which stood nearby from 1917 till 1953. I love classical structures like these, but sadly it was the emptiest part of the whole park.The Cloud-gate, lovingly nicknamed the bean for obvious reasons, was immensly more popular. I could see why: totally interactive, people loved to look at their own reflections 'carnival style' and walk in, around and under it. The sculpture sits in the AT&T plaza section: built of polished steel, it weighs in at 110 TONS! The heavy work was the first installation by artist Anish Kapoor in the United States and cost upwards of $23 million -about 5 times more than the classical Millenium monument! It is meant to depict a drop of mercury right before impact with the ground. The sculpture was hand polished on site after delivery to hide the weld-lines. They did a good job because it is amazingly PERFECT (although it could do with a good washing with windex!). You can easily see why this is the most popular piece in the park! If you plan a trip to Chicago (and you must!) plan to visit the Millennium Park!

sewing scissors

hair. before by you.
I've been pondering Adelaide's hair for some time now. I was planning to let it grow and grow all sweet and long forever. But lately she is frightened to have it washed and she despises having it combed, and so most days her hair is a sticky tangled mess.

So on a bit of a whim this morning, wanting to spare her the trauma of a salon, I stood her on the toilet, my sharpest sewing scissors in hand, and proceeded to snip snip away.

Soon I knew that I made a big mistake. I realised - much too late - that I am no hair professional, especially when it comes to a wriggling toddler. My sweet little girl now sports a rather mis-shaped choppy hairdo, near bald patch on one side, looking a little like she had a run-in with some sort of weed eater.

Horrified, I packaged her up and ran her over to the closest hair salon. But they had no time for our emergency, and we returned straight home, me trudging along full of melancholy, Adelaide skipping away, happily oblivious.


Yet, I have discovered upon our return home, that pigtails are still (if barely) possible!


hair. after by you.

illustration collection : bathing beauties.

Wouldn't you just love to go for a swim today?

1. Night Swim by Lisa Golightly ($20), 2. swimmer gocco print by Kate Pugsley ($20), 3. The Swimmer Print by Iris Schwarz ($20), 4. A Swimming Day for Us by Kate Endle ($175, currently out of stock), 5. Return by Nikki McClure ($9). 6. heather - original oil painting by Amanda Blake ($100), 7. The Comfort of Routine by Aimee Sicuro ($22), and 8. Floating Lessons Magenta and Chocolate by Sofia Arnold ($15)


Styling by Robyn Glaser

thought of the day : playground.

"Play!" by Katie Daisy, available in her shop for $20. (You can also check out more of Katie's artwork on her photostream)

sasa antic.

Stylist Sasa Antic's work is lovely. I was especially drawn to this residence, which is full of life and color (and also makes me want to be sitting in that rocking chair right about now).

valero daval.

Valero Doval makes awesome art.

security envelope pattern pins.

These pins from Sweetie Pie Press have been around for a while, but I love them because they're made from one of my favorite ordinary things: security envelope patterns.

via aesthetic outburst

Monday, June 29, 2009

Frank Gehry and the Jay Pritzker Pavilion

This past weekend I visited one of my favorite cities, Chicago. I was so excited to finally see the Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park designed by Frank Gehry. Completed in July 2004, the pavilion is an open stage which seats upwards of 11,000 people in a mixture of fixed seats and the lawn as well as accomodate a full orcherstra on stage.
The pavilion is the gem of Millenium park, which is built over a large parking lot and the Harris Theater. One thing I question is the very lage trellis structure over the lawn seating, seen below. Meant to hold the complicated sound system, I wonder why a vinyl or canvas covering could not be stretched over it in the wintertime for more year round use. It seems much more practical to me and would not break the covenant for no buildings in the park as it would be a temporary structure. Just my 2 cents!
detail of the structure which directs the sound into the audience.
I never have been a fan of Gehry, but I think his style is best suited to outdoor structures like these and it is truly magnificent. Never mind that it cost around $60 million, it was well worth it as it's probably one of the most visited attraction in Chicago these days!
the pavilion seen in the distance above the water wall.
all photos taken with my iphone -which turned out surprisingly well!

interior inspiration : studio spaces.

I really love seeing the spaces of other artists and designers. After visiting my friend Cori's stunning treasure-filled Sellwood studio yesterday (seen in the fourth photo above), I am now completely inspired to turn our garage into a studio of my own. Perhaps if I did it I would finally feeling motivated to start creating again. I think everyone needs a little place of their own to be able to get away from home and work in.

Sources (from top to bottom): Lovely Design, Alicia Paulson, Bird in the Hand, Cori Kindred, Design*Sponge: Hammerpress, Herzenart, Making it Lovely, Sandra Juto, Design*Sponge: Gilah Press, fine little day, Camilla Engman, and Geninne.