Monday, August 31, 2009

a little bit of company

Every so often - tucked in between the endless tasks of being a mama - I am lucky and am able to catch a few moments here and there to work on some of my own projects.

These few moments of self time are precious to me, but I have found that I seem to still enjoy them most, however, when my daughter is by my side, happily working on her own projects. Like today, for quite some time she was busy across the table from me - Chattering away to her favourite sheep and showing him how to make drawings.

scrap bin by you.

And at our feet, perhaps the coziest cat in the world, all snuggled in my scrap paper box. Not even minding my ever-so-often-additions to the box, falling all over on top of him. Our kitty Jack will try anything to find the coziest spot ever!

Sometimes, It's really just very nice to have a little bit of company while you work.

Chateau Miromesnil

Chateau Miromesnil is known for it's architectural beauty but also the wooded country in which it sits and its vegetable gardens (seen below). It has also been home to some famous characters. The famous author Guy de Maupassant was born in the chateau in 1850 while his parents rented it for 3 years.
Earlier the chateau had been home to Armand-Thomas Hue de Miromesnil. Armand was made a Knight of the Holy Spirit Order by King Louis XVI and later tried to defend the King at his trial during the revolution. He also abolished the use of torture for those who were imprisoned for supposed crimes. He died here in 1792 and left his fortune to the peasants of his estate.Of course the chateau has its own private chapel, as most ancient estates do. Solid and square -don't you think?
The chateau also acts as a bed and breakfast with very reasonable rates! Can you even imagine staying here? Heaven!
Visit the official website HERE
see information about renting rooms and photos HERE.

b is for bodoni.

Start the appreciation of typography at a young age with Alphabeasties by Werner Design Werks.

fu manchu.

Posters for the World Beard and Moustache Championships by Jason Nitti of Young & Rubicam.


My husband and I have been house-hunting for about 4 months now, but I've recently decided I'd like these architects to design one for us. Maybe they'd give me a discount for being Swedish?

via our friend Beefy.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Wonderful hotel in Amsterdam, the interior decoration is a combination of modern Dutch design and timeless classics. Each of the 117 rooms is different, quirky and inspiring.
Lloyds Hotel


New carpet from Norwegian Permafrost
For Pur Norsk

Paris Opera House

One of the things I hope to see while in Paris next week is the Paris opera house by Charles Garnier -especially the ceiling by Chagall (one of my favorite artists!). This sketch by Raoul Dufy depicts the opera house in 1924, long before Chagall started the ceiling - can't you see the similarities? How did he know what was coming?!The Dufy sketch is part of the Phillips Collection here in DC.

finally friday.


Have a happy weekend!

watercolor headbands.

An interesting take on the feather headband trend: pretty watercolor paintings and drawings transferred to fabric by Recycled Rings.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

little girl on campus

When my partner Charles and I were looking for a place to call home, we searched and searched for a long time. But then we finally realised that a University is a pretty darn good place for a kid to grow up, and here we are.

little girl on campus by you.

little girl on campus by you.

Over at the University there is usually something happening to fascinate a little kid - and her nerdy mama, too! Adelaide absolutely loves going there, so every few days we usually wander on in for some exploring.

little elf by you.

in the trees by you.

For it is full of gardens and sculptures, ponds and courtyards, slopes and stairs and waterfalls and forests and fields. Libraries and laboratories, swimming pools and gymnasiums, cafes and coffee shops and bookshops, on and on. We could wander on forever and usually find something interesting to explore... to Adelaide, this place is one big playground!

quick reststop by you.

in circles by you.

But to me, the very best thing of all is that there are very few cars (or none at all). So I can relax and just let her run free and wild like the crazy kid she is and should be. And everyday I am so grateful just for this one thing.

Sandro Cleuzo Interview

Sandro Cleuzo: Animator/Character Designer
Media: Col- Erase blue, 2b pencil, Prismacolor Markers, and Adobe Photoshop.

The apartment

The theme song from the great 1960 film starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine is "Jealous Lover" - a song I love dearly and played about 100x on the piano while home this past weekend. The film won five Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay. Enjoy!

pop ups.

Bettina Nissen & Dan Civico showcase there clever work at this years Design Event.
via design milk

orla kiely.

Yes, the second target received it's first shipment we scampered on over. So you can imagine how thrilled we are for her Autumn collection. Love the styling.
via lace and tea.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

up on top

Adelaide loves hanging out on up on my work tables, and excitedly insists on this activity almost daily. It makes me kind of nervous, but they are big and strong, and Addie so careful, that she seems to be pretty safe. While she is up on the tables, she may poke around through my papers, or collect up lots of stray little dots, or find a pencil and make a drawing or two, or perhaps stretch all out and check out the ceiling for a while.

To me, this doesn't seem like it would be that appealing (at least on a daily basis), but I guess that being up higher like that a curious little kid feel bigger, and a little more free.