Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hotel in Stockholm

This hotel have the right look.....
The Story hotel, a dream for the eyes...
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Packaging design compendium from blog fave thedieline - coming soon.

creativity can solve anything.

So excited for Art & Copy - check here to see when it hits your town.
(sidenote: we've always loved that ampersand)


Concept/art jewelry at Oona.

do paintings, mommy

This girl loves to paint. She is very serious about it! She has made her paintings every single day for months and months - she even insisted on bringing along her paints with us camping this summer, so that she could paint happily in the bushes. And she has her little painting spots set up and all ready to go in several locations around our house... you never know when the urge may strike!

focus by you.

Our small house is beginning to get a little crowded, but the other day I found a beautiful old vintage easel at a thrift shop for $8. I couldn't resist and so I brought it home. So the other afternoon I took some time to set up her lovely new easel. I loaded it up with nice papers, paints, brushes, and fresh water.

Then, without even a blink, she dragged out an old beat up ikea step stool. She carefully set it up, and plopped on down on it school desk style. She got right to work...with her own self-selected painting supplies.

My lovingly prepared easel... ignored!

Perhaps, it will be only just for me.

makeshift desk by you.

Temple of Love

Another folly built on the grounds of the Petit Trianon for Marie Antoinette by Richard Mique & Hubert Robert is the Temple of Love. This temple sits on the opposite side of the house as the older French Pavilion and houses a statue of cupid.
It overlooks a small stream that runs up to the Petit Trianon.
Inspired by antiquity, the columns sport Corinthian caps.....
and a coffered dome.It sits out in the English landscape. Here it is viewed from the side of the house.
The temple rests on a small island reached by a small bridge. I loved that the side of the bridge acted as a planter for wildflowers.The Petit Trianon, finally making its' debut as seen from the Temple of Love.
Marie Antoinette had the Temple of Love built within view of her bed in her bedroom - can it be any more poetic than that? Do we think she had Count Fersen in mind or her husband, Louis XVI?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1000 maple address files (+ giveaways)

The other day I was stamping out the labels for the bottom of a batch of freshly assembled address files, and I realised that I had just made my 1,000th maple wood file ever!

In celebration of all that finding, designing, cutting, punching, sorting, assembling, and packaging, I have set aside one maple wood address file to giveaway to someone special. (It is actually no. 1025.) This address file was handmade with much love, and so I hope that it will find a great home here in this place.

+30 by you.

I also have three packs of assorted file cards, as a giveaway for my lovely customers who have ordered an address file from me. Thank you to all of you!

If interested, please specify which item you wish for (file or card pack) and leave a comment. In a week or so I will randomly select four winners. Please make sure that your contact information is available to me. This contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Good Luck!


Wallpaper from Decor Maison, choose your flowertree
Design Teija Bruhn

vintage organic.

I really love Emily & Jacob's home. It feels so warm and inviting.

daily drop cap.

Daily Drop Cap - an illustrative initial every day, by typographer Jessica Hische. Yep, we love it.

via words & eggs

lavendar sachets.

Saw these adorable organic lavendar sachets on this yellow roundup, and now I'm thinking they need to have a home in my dresser drawer.

(Will I ever tire of the mustard/turquoise color combo? Doubtful.)

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Belvedere

On the grounds of the Petit Trianon was another charming little pavilion. The Belvedere was built for Marie Antoinette by her architect Richard Mique and the painter Hubert Robert as a highlight in her English style garden.Built on a hill on an artificial island, the Belvedere is circled by a terrace with charming sphinx standing guard. It has a commanding view of the English gardens with the Petit Trianon resting nearby, hidden by trees.The interior is painted with murals and flooded with light all day long.What a charming room to have lunch in!The decoration continues up to the ceiling.As you can see the Belevedere is a private place as its' small size demands. Set as a folly in a 'natural' landscape, the building acts as a human foil.
The grotto is the entrance to the Belvedere and you must pass over the faux bois bridge to gain entrance: Probably the most real faux bois i've ever seen!We admittedly spent a good 30 minutes here just relaxing in the sun before continuing our tour of the estate. Hope you enjoyed this folly as much as we did!