Thursday, September 30, 2010

Talking Tree

An excellent initiative : Talking Tree is a 100-year-old tree located at Brussels, which is now equipped with various sensors measuring the way in which it feels every day. Through a software, this equipment measures and translates its living conditions into human language. You can follow the life of the talking tree via YouTube, Flickr and Soundcloud. And friend him on Facebook

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Talking Tree - Making of on Vimeo.


Wallpaper from Stodio Ditte

House Tour: Benoit Jamin + Isabelle Puech

Spotted on Marie Claire Maison, this is the working studio of famous handbags French designers Benoit Jamin and Isabelle Puech, creators of the Jamin Puech brand.
The couple reinvented an old abandonned industrial building in Paris and filled it with travel found treasures or flea market finds. The end result is a bohemian chic interior with tons of ideas to steal! Enjoy!

{via Marie Claire Maison}

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Linda Tallroth-Paananen

Linda Tallroth-Paananen is a Finnish photographer. Black and white interiors are known to be stylish. But combining these two colors to create a classic or a modern atmosphere in which somebody would like to live is not easy to pull off. This is gorgeous!
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The Frauenkirche in Dresden

Recently, an Australian friend of mine went on a worldwide tour and sent me back lots of his photos he thought I would enjoy. I was immediatly struck by the beauty of the Frauenkirche in Dresden but even more so by its' fascinating story!
The baroque styled Lutheran church was originally finished in 1743, by George Bahr. The sandstone dome dominated the skyline of the city until it was finally completely destroyed in 1945 during WWII, along with much of the city. It lay in rubble for many years until it was declared a landmark in 1966.
However, the church was finally rebuilt in 2004, after the fall of communism, with only this one wall (the dark portion) being original. A happy case of restoration prooving you can't always keep a good building down!

room to wardrobe {autumn transition}

It is always difficult to layer outfits this time of year. It is in between boot and sandal season, light wrap and wool sweater season and not quite time to pull out the richest color pieces in the wardrobe. When I saw this room I thought that the airy yet cozy feel and tempered color palette was the perfect place to start looking for inspiration for this transitional time of year.

(room design by madeline stuart)
The look it inspired is sleek, smart and seasonally appropriate. I actually very much wish I was were this ensemble right now as I swelter in a long cashmere cardigan.

(lulu frost necklace, tucker belted jacket, alexander mcqueen scarf, crystal strap chloe flats, Fendi clutch, cc skye starburst bangles)

Annaleena Karlsson

Major, mais alors, major crush of this all white loft from Swedish freelance stylist Annaleena Karlsson. Her blog is amazing (part of my daily reads) and her loft to die for : volumes, light and custom carpentry to fit around the original building structure. I am in love...

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Filippa K

Filippa K opened its new flag ship in Oslo last week, 
I was invited to the grand opening party, 
but unfortunately I could not go.
I Received some great images from Filippa K. 
The flooring and the decor in the store is very nice.

A Menilmontant, Paris Loft

In Menilmontant, 20th Paris district, an artistic couple fell in love with this old clothing confection factory, and converted it into a loft. Recipe ingredients : light, color, industrial pieces, and salvaged flea markets finds. Oui, oui et oui!

{via Art et Decoration magazine}

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lazy Day


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detail shot or welcome home

Whats the first thing you see when you get home? If you have this condo (office?) in Carmel, CA, it just may be Ganesha, an Indian god. Why have an ordinary door knocker when you can have something extraordinary like this instead (and I am loving this green door)? A house may be about location, size and style but a home is in the details.
Dear Design Fetishists,

I apologize for the lack of posts but things have been quite hectic.

I'll be moving to Paris in a few days so its going to be pretty hard for me to do any blogging this week.

Stay tuned however for new inspirational posts soon enough...

-Yasmina "Kushu" Zalek

Inspiring Entryways

An entryway is the back bone of a house. It is the first place your guests see when they enter your home, and your entryway sets the mood for everything else. In a job interview, the saying states that it takes 20 seconds for an employer to judge you... It's pretty much the same for a house. A good karma house has that feel at the first step.
When I relocated from overseas and was house hunting, I visited approximately 60 houses before my heart fell for the one I live in right now, and to tell you the truth, my real estate agent thought I was nuts for staying in the entryway a few seconds every time to see if the house had good vibes or not...
Unclutter your entryway, don't let dirty (kids) shoes invade the floor, add an accent rug, a freshly cut flower vase. And not only for your guests, but for yourself too. How cool is it to get home after a long day and find yourself in your organized home sweet home entryway?
Here is a selection of entryways I find inspiring... and full of good karma...

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