Monday, January 31, 2011

black + blue {office} luxury

I have had quite the fascination with black spaces lately, which has taken me quite by surprise. I am drawn to the elegance and impact of black and the lovely backdrop it creates for color. This home office designed by Amy Morris for the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles showhouse is one of my favorite examples of how lovely it can be. The mixture of the black with navy blue adds a lovely element of depth and the gold touches lighten up the overall feel of the room.

And the faded rug softens the black walls beautifully.

The geometry of the shelf is just divine (I have to have it) and the studding of the sofa is just such a wonderful detail.

Ahhh, just a beautifully designed space and in an office none the less!

flickr photo of the day : in london.

Untitled by ludwigwest.

leather bows...

...strung on long chains: the Hello I love you necklace from ulala. So pretty. ($24)

Build the Petit Trianon

I came across this graphic recently to build your own model of the Petit Trianon. Simply click on the image above to enlarge and save to your computer. Print out on cardstock and voila -a few minutes of fun crafting! You may remember the postcard models I built of various house styles which I keep on my desk at work-this is soon to join them. Enjoy!

Rethink: De-branding Cigarette Packs

A move intended to subvert the alluring brands of tobacco giants and make smoking less attractive, London-based consultancy Build created these satirical yet serious visualisations of how a packet of 20's might look if the branding were to be stripped away. The project is entitled "Rethink".

Interesting alternatives to the "Smoking Kills" warnings are included; giving smokers some serious insights into how much time each pack smoked will rob them of, and making a feature of the terrifyingly long list of ingredients that go into each pack.


Branch Bookshelf

A concept by French designer Olivier Dollé for a competition at the Atelier d'Art de France.


Creepy Eyes Hair Clip

ten images of inspiration : red and black.

Good afternoon! I hope you all had a very lovely winter weekend. I am starting the week off with photographs/artwork featuring my favorite color combination: red & black. It's very much a classic duo, one I don't think I will ever get sick of seeing...

Sources (from top to bottom): Rebecca Miller, Lilian Liem, Anni Leppala, ezgi polat, Valeria Cherchi, The Black Apple, James Moes, Aya Brackett, Billy & Hells, Wai Lin Tse.

Tolix : A love affair

I love Tolix chairs, no, let me rephrase, I adore Tolix chairs. They instantly add an industrial charm to any space. I like them all rusty and in weathered vintage condition, or bright and flashy in tangerine, cherry or sunny yellow tones. I also like them in glossy classical white. Here are some interiors that celebrate this industrial French icon.

via Emmas
via Yikes Machine

via En Mi Espacio Vital



via Graham and Green

via Heart Throbs

via We Heart It

via Design Watcher

via Mechant Design

via Desire to Inspire

vacation in my mind.

This is where I wish I had spent my weekend. Lovely interiors courtesy of Gardener & Marks.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

retro country style {abodent}

I am completely charmed by the offerings of Abodent, the newest delight by design sponsor. It is a well curated online store of shabby chic decor for vintage inspired homes. They offer a wide variety of homewares...

...tabletop decor...

and charming hardware.

I highly recommend that you all stop by to see the other lovely offerings of Abodent. And yes lucky for me they do ship to the US!


Fairytale is everywhere
Source: Unknown