Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Casa Hurtado by Busquet

Along with the well known Gaudi, there were many other modernista architects working during the same time period, including Guillem Busquet. The Spanish architects working in the same vein as the more widely known Gaudi created houses in the city proper of Barcelona such as the Casa Battlo, the Casa Mila, the Palau Guell or the Casa Lleo Morera; but also a number of smaller residences around the city, such as this one I came across one day outside of Barcelona last year. You see so much of the modernista distinctive style here: the curved and unusually shaped facade, the inventive terra cotta work and his use of color through tile. So while traveling, I think this is a reminder(to me!) to always keep your eyes open because you never know what gem you might find even in a quiet suburb!

bathroom bliss

It has been a crazy couple of weeks due a very exciting career change and I am in need of a long hot soak in a beyond extraordinary bathroom to unwind and bask in it all. I recently made the leap from working at a non-profit to a beautiful interior design showroom. This bathroom would be the perfect place to reflect and rejuvenate from the chaos of bliss of it all. And more than that, this my be one of most unique and extraordinary inspirations I have seen for a small bathroom...

(via house and leisure)

And if you want to keep up with the showroom (and design firm) I currently get the joy of working in, please become a fan on our facebook page!

flickr photo of the day : film.

Untitled by Öykü Öge. (See also: tumblr & portfolio)

collections : back to school.

It's time to go back-to-school, whether you're a college student or have children of your own, which sadly means one thing... summer is almost over. But oh well, at least there are some fabulous school supplies to covet.

1. Caught On Camera Tape Dispenser ($21.99), 2. Pencil Dispenser ($18), 3. Vintage Children's Spelling Book ($10), 4. Diamond Notebook (£4), 5. chip, magnetic paper clip holder by alessi ($57), 6. Vintage Metal Workers Lunch Box ($30), 7. Glad to Adhere It Tape Set in Red and White ($8.99), 8. slate chalkboard easel ($124), 9. 1970s Crayons (£7.50), and 10. Düller Croquis Notebook ($18)

A loft Place des Monges

This loft, located Place des Monges in Paris, has many industrial features that were kept from the original building structure [will you say oh la la with me about the windows?]. And let's talk about color here : look at this sumptuous palette used throughout the loft. So subtle, yet deep and strong and delicate all at once. Now that's what I call a color statement. This loft is full of personality. And I love it!

{Photos Gilles Trillard for Cote Paris}

ferse verse.

Vintage fold-out fan from the playful shop Ferse Verse.

barron and larcher.

The next big project I'm going to explore is textile design. Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher were hand-blockprinters from Britain in the 1920s and '30s. I love looking to the past and seeing designs that are still relevant today (another example: Sonia Delauney).

images from VADS and Meg Andrews

Monday, August 29, 2011

thought of the day : helvetica.

"No Helvetica in Westend," a poster design from Stefano Agabio's photostream.

Patxi Peláez Interview

Patxi Peláez: Designer
Media: Adobe Photoshop.

ten images of inspiration : jazz age lawn party.

Someday, I really need to go to New York's Jazz Age Lawn Party. It has been going on bi-annually for six years and every time I see photographs posted from it, I deeply yearn to enjoy it myself. Really, what can be better than a day of dancing, fabulous vintage ensembles, jazz, old-fashioned cocktails, and sunshine? I desperately need to book myself a trip next time.

(Photographs above from: From Me To You, The Sartorialist, Metromix New York, Les Yeux sans Visage, WWD, and Village Voice.)

a birthday wish...

...to my lovely mom, the best mother one could possibly ask for. You're the tops.

"Mother, the ribbons of your love are woven around my heart."

beads & baubles.

Gemma Redux - I want 'em all.

Today I am loving...

Totally in love with this original idea of window treatment in a bedroom... Instead of the usual curtains, the owner used panels of skaï - or synthetic leather - that are simply attached on top sides with grommets, one side stays locked, while the other side locks and unlocks in position to filter the light. Not sure this would work for an everyday bedroom [i.e. doing the lock/unlock maneuver every night would drive me nuts] but great for a guest room or a room where you occasionally need light filtering, like a media room. Brilliant if you ask me!


united measures.

The frame is art, too, at United Measures.

Hello Monday!

Left image via We heart it, right via Piccsy