Friday, September 30, 2011

ten images of inspiration : good on paper.

Some people just know how to make paper look mighty good. Have a fabulous weekend, you fine folks.

Sources (from top to bottom): Anne Benjamin, Mr. Boddington's Studio, pikku, Perch Paper Co., elsita, Just Vandy, Ink + Wit, bookhou, Sycamore Street Press, and Essimar.

Entrancing mushrooms

I spent the day in Easton, Maryland yesterday on the Chesapeake Bay for a new project and while walking around outside, was astonished by the number of unusual mushrooms I saw growing everywhere.

The structure of these little plants always intrique me; the ribbing, the spots and the cupping -they're so amazing and rather architectural, don't you think?

I know nothing about mushrooms so would never even think of trying to taste or touch any of them for fear of poisoning, but always appreciate them. I had never seen any this yellow green color before.

This monster mushroom had numerous heads and was probably 12" in diameter! I suppose there was one good thing to come from this wet, humid weather we've been having: mushrooms!

flickr photo of the day : canon.

"At Last," by Capt. Mouffette. (See also: portfolio & blog)


Um, yes. I want. I want it bad. (£125)


Wishing you a nice and relaxing weekend! We have our good friends Patrick and Anne-Marie visiting from France so we're planning on hitting the road to Asheville, North Carolina and enjoy the beautiful and scenic autumn colors we have around here. Enjoy your weekend! Xo, Si-


nabi boubou.

More silk scarves from an old favorite.

If you happen to be in Paris, see their new collection Nabi Boubou debut at Capsule.

dietlind wolf.

Clever and beautiful food styling from Dietlind Wolf.

thought of the day : moment.

"Opportunity," another piece of wisdom from the great Keri Smith. (See also: shop & photostream)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

collections : pieces of autumn.

Just some things that make me think of autumn, my favorite season of the year. Which is now officially here!

1. Candlelit Study Dress ($87.99), 2. Brown Butterfly Tray ($198), 3. Glandore Socks (£20), 4. Repurposed Frame, Large ($28), 5. Gingham Harvest Plate ($9), 6. Twig Colored Pencil Set ($15), 7. Velvet Tub Chair ($620.93), 8. Velvet Pumpkin ($35), 9. New Color -Origami Hana Rope Necklace - Cinnamon ($43), 10. photographic print, fog 2, 6x8" ($10), 11. fall festival necklace ($45), and 12. Hand Crochet Throw (£175)

chocolate fix

Just because a girl sometimes needs a little chocolate fix and I thought this was a pretty good darn way to get it!

(via beth webb interiors)

Studio i29

In Amsterdam, Liesbeth and Bart commissioned interior architects' Studio i29 to redesign their loft. Keyword: multi hidden shelving for an ultra minimalist look. The result is a fantastic zen and serene space, full of light and character. I love this loft!

{via i29}

DIY: party animal candles.

Drill your plastic animal, insert candle holder and spray paint. Instant upgrade for your little ones cupcakes.
source: miscelanea & the sweetest occasion.

keetra dean dixon.

Just between you and me.

meadham kirchhoff.

SS 2012 Elle fashion week. Wait for it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

and the anniversary winners are...

+30 by you.

Thank you to all of my previous customers who entered my giveaway for the ten +30 card packs! It has been really sweet to hear from you all again, and to recognize and remember so many of you from over the years.

And the winners are...

9. sara
13. Cassandra
14. Ames
42. Yellow
52. linda

Congratulations to all of you lucky winners. If you do not hear from me first, please take a moment you send me your mailing information. (oooh.... my baby is crying, have to run now!)


McGorlick Park

While in Brooklyn a few weeks ago, I came across a small city park that I had never heard of in Greenpoint, which was surprising considering its' loveliness, Monsignor McGorlick Park.Opened in 1891, the park gained beautiful structures and monuments throughout its' history which attracted my eye. Designed in 1910 by the architectural firm Helmle, Huberty and Hudswell who built many impressive structures in Brooklyn, the main building housed M and W bathrooms seperated by a covered curved colonnade.The beautiful neo-classical detailing of the structure isn't surprising as Helmle received his training at the well known architectural firm of McKim, Mead & White. The yellow brick and limestone facade also features a beautiful segmented beadboard ceiling with trimwork picked out with yellow paint.I just think this is such a lovely building, don't you? I wonder what the original light fixtures were (the junction boxes are still in the ceiling)Located inside the crescent shaped building is a WWI memorial created by noted sculptor Carl Augustus Herber in 1923.In her left hand Winged Victory holds a laurel for victory and a palm frond for peace in the other.While I was drawn in by the architecture, I believe the locals simply appreciate the open space and lush green!

McGorlick Park is located between Driggs and Nassau Avenues & Russell and Monitor streets in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.