Monday, February 28, 2011

A white loft in Paris

Roxanne is a stylist and she decided to celebrate the Southern French way of life in her Paris loft. For Roxanne, a house is at its prettiest when it mixes natural light, open space and raw materials and fabrics. Simply sumptuous!

{Photos Frederic Vasseur}

sand + sea

Perhaps it is the nautical inspired bathroom I posted on Friday but when I was pursuing the web this morning I found a common theme in all the items I was gravitating too--a sand and sea color scheme. Perhaps I am craving a beach vacation?! These colors will always be refreshing and classic.

(via lulu frost, table lamp from South of Market, john robishaw pillow, lanvin flats, dvf clutch)

Coral Gables Congregational Church

Directly across the street from the Biltmore Hotel lies the Congregational Church of Coral Gables. Started by George Merrick in 1923, the building of a church was a priority as he happened to be the son of a Congregational minister. This building stands as a grand memorial of sorts to his father. Designed by the architect Richard Kiehnel, the building is modeled after an earlier church in Costa Rica, in the Spanish Baroque style. These iron lanterns flanking the front door are spectacular. I love the contrast of the rough stucco with the smooth white painted stone and smooth terracotta tiles. Those little round windows are adorable! I can imagine the number of couples who get married at the church with a reception at the Biltmore to follow!The landscaping, as in all of Coral Gables, is very rich, leafy and green, not what one neccesarily associates with Florida. Yellow stucco, green palm trees and blue sky, thats all I ask for in a vacation!

studio ike.

We like Ike.


Nest time I'm in Stockholm I'd really love to stay at the Nobis.

Cactus in Scandinavia - pretty crazy.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hey Guys!

I know I've been away for a few days and sadly, I'm gonna have to be away for a few more...
With all the work I've got, its been insane!!!

Ill get back to posting and replying to all your emails asap. And who knows maybe a post or two during my breaks, if I get any...

Until then....

-Yasmina "kushu" Zalek

Saturday, February 26, 2011

hello, saturday.

It's officially the weekend, thank goodness. These next couple of days I plan to: peruse estate sales, sit in coffee shops, take photobooth pictures, use up a roll of film, drink beer, and warm myself in a cheap movie theater. What are your plans?

(artwork above by Amy Borrell.)

Friday, February 25, 2011

making personalized children's buttons

Over the past several weeks, Adelaide and I had been planning and preparing birthday treats for her to give away at her birthday party. I would like to share some of our projects with you over the coming days.

Something that I've been wanting to make for children for some time now are little button pins. This year, I was able to borrow a 1" button maker from a generous friend, and so I decided to make buttons for Adelaide's little friends who would be attending her birthday party.

I have found that little children really love and seem to appreciate having items personalized especially for them, so already knew that I wanted to make first-name-initial pins for them. However, I found myself procrastinating and a couple of days before the party I had yet to even begin. Because of the lack of time, I ended up doing a quick computer search through my old work for inspiration (something I often when looking to create something on the fly). I came across a flyer I had done for our neighbourhood parent-and-tot group years back now, and realised that I could easily pick and choose from my already-made-file to create cute portrait buttons for each child.

Technically, it was easy and fairly quick to modify my Adobe Illustrator file for each child's portrait, as they are composed of just a few simple shapes. The biggest challenge really was trying to correctly recall 18 children's hair styles and eye colours! But when each child's quickie portrait was done, I would show it to Adelaide, and found that she could enthusiastically identify each child. Relief!

Once all of the letter and portraits were finished, we printed them out onto regular paper and Adelaide was able to help me load up the button maker to pop out the buttons - a rather satisfying job which only took a few minutes.

I am always a little bit nervous, when making things for people, that they will end up being disregarded and simple tossed aside. This is especially so when creating things for little children. But I have been rewarded, and have found little children seem to love, appreciate and just know when things have been made especially for them.

And it was lovely to have one usually shy little boy grab me aside many days later, to show me that he had his little buttons pinned proudly onto his winter coat. Once he was sure I had seen, he flashed me a big grin, and then he was gone.

inspiration {portholes + dories}

Ok, I wasn't planning on posting again before the weekend but when I came across this bathroom I just could not wait until Monday. And this simple (and stunning) bathroom seemed like the perfect place to start a relaxing weekend. I love the nautical inspiration --the washed and worn board remind me of a charming dory that washed up on the beach and then the lovely portholesque cut outs!

(via nuevo estilo -- of course)


I wish you a happy weekend! Xo, Si-

via We heart it

flickr photo of the day : a reflection.

Untitled by johannasaurus. (See also: portfolio)

it makes me happy...

...this clock from Decoylab, that is. So cute and modern, I love it. ($78)

New Shop Items!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the upcoming FrenchByDesign shop items! Oui, oui, my favorite, "the beast", the Jielde French articulated lamp is back, more beautiful than ever!


littlest one.
pinched from all the mountains.

Oh la la, j'aime...

Oh la la, j'aime beaucoup this really cool rescued vintage furnished room with its original headboard made out of old doors, the weathered Tolix chair and natural bed linens. Simple and perfect!

via 79 ideas

Happy Friday!

via The Small Object


Music from Norwegian Ugress

jenni kayne.

Just a pop of texture.
Thanks WhoWhatWear.

the makers.

Jennifer Causey lives in NY and started documenting some super talent. Above images: Lena Corwin, the printer.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

thought of the day : today.

"Today I Choose Love," a polaroid by the ever-lovely Cori Kindred. (See also: photostream and vintage shop)

interior inspiration : light and dark.

I love the look of contrasting shades- bright whites/lights with dark elements, especially in homes. It seems to make every accent more eye-catching (plus, who could argue with the classic combo of black & white?)

Sources (from top to bottom): Freunde von Freunden, Patric Johansson, LivingEtc, Shoot Factory, Design*Sponge: Lizzy Janssen, pia ulin, LivingEtc, Shoot Factory, Per Magnus Persson, Inspace Locations, and Freunde von Freunden.